Facility for Materials Engineering in Magnetic Fields
Facility for Materials Engineering in Magnetic Fields  

The Project

We Aim to set up a unique UK capability that extends the technique by applying it to new materials synthesis and processing techniques that are being investigated and developed in the UK. The facility will enable UK researchers to extend the state of the state of the art of MEM by: i) developing tools to optimize the level of texturing (eg produce 1, 2 and 3 dimensional alignment) in combination with a wide range of techniques;  ii) explore new system where magnetic fields strongly affect the  free energy of the system, resulting in modification of phase equilibrium; iii) Align unique UK expertise in materials science and engineering with SMF in order to enable world leading research in materials science.There have already been expressions of interest from 14 research groups from 7 Universities to use and support the MagMat facility

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Mag Mat, EPSRC Equipment Business, QMUL equipment account (EP/M507246/1)