• Facility for Materials<br>Engineering in<br>Magnetic Fields

Welcome to MagMat


MagMat is a unique capability in the UK for the synthesis and processing of materials in strong magnetic fields (SMF). This project provides the initiative for a new era of materials science where magnetic field driven forces are coupled with materials synthesis and processing to produce novel materials. Magneto related phenomena have special relevance to the fields of functional materials and biosciencees, where the engineering outcomes are often a result of multifunctional couplings. The use of high magnetic fields in combination with a wide range of processing techniques could lead to new phenomena, materials and manufacturing routes. Our Work is focused on four main research areas of interest where strong magnetic fields can be employed to engineer a wide range of materials for texturing, synthesis, processing and self-assembly.


   MagMat, EPSRC Equipment Business, QMUL equipment account (EP/M507246/1)